Reaching More Audience than Anyone Ever in Knoxville's Radio History

Imagine having your commercial message showcased inside a feature that customers depend on every day. Radio listeners pay close attention to traffic reports with your message attached to it.

Huge Reach
You will dominate the market.
A Captive Audience
Each sponsorship includes a 25 word live message attached to our traffic reports.
Listeners Stay Tuned In
You are sponsoring information that is very important to listeners. This adds credibility and clout to your commercial and your business, while avoiding "listener tune-out" during commercial breaks.
Only the Best Times
Your commercial airs during drive times, 6-9 am and 3-6 pm, Monday - Friday.
Easy to Use
Advertise on all the top stations in the Knoxville Market with just one phone call. Our team will help taileor your message to produce the greatest impact.
Maximum Flexibility
You can change the content of your commercial in just minutes with no production or talent fees.
Trusted Endorsements
Your message is delivered live by broadcast personalities who are well known and trusted.
It Works!
Over 90% of our first time advertisers renew their sponsorship. Why? Because we deliver results!

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